Thursday, 3 April 2014

training updates

Training has been going well.

I have been spending my time between work, sorting equipment, running half marathons per day and sleeping (a lot!). Its taken its toll slightly on my left achillies heel, which is a bit tender, but nothing at this stage to worry about. Some ice packs and stretches will see it back to normal for the start. And of course, the help of my mother, who is annoying work colleagues and physio's by asking hundereds of questions per day.

Had a great call with my dad and mum last night, and my dad is, at least for some of the time, coming up and driving his mobile home alongside of me (he is well aware of the fact he is not physically allowed to help me). He just wants me to be safe and be there as backup incase anything goes wrong. Both of their support means a lot to me.

My plan for this weekend is to collect the last of the supplies I require, go back again through all the equipment checking that it will last for the job, and that I have reduced the weight as much as humanly possible. (cutting labels out of clothes, reducing packaging, taking only the bare minimum required etc).

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