Name: Mark Peter Wallace
Born: yesterday (possibly)
Hobbies: Anything outdoors, adventures, camping, running, ultra-marathons, marathons, climbing, walking, canoeing and pretty much anything else I will have a go at.
Likes:Honest nice people and big smiles
Dislikes: Lazy people and people who blame others for their own problems
Favourite colour: Navy
Favourite food: toad in the hole

mark looking out over the sand dunes in Mdes
Mark runs 250km through the Sahara desert

mark runs through the sahara desert
Our homes during the MdS

mark bouldering in salon du bloc in hamburg
Bouldering at soln du bloc - Hamburg, Germany
mark feeling at home on Guernsey and thinking about life
At home on Guernsey

mark snowboarding in italy
Some snowboarding downtime