Wednesday, 13 November 2013

A small problem with shoulder doesnt work

I think sometimes when we have planned a new goal, the world throws everything at us to test us to see if we really want to do it.

A few months ago, whilst climbing, I damaged my shoulder. Straight away I went to the doctor to have this examined and checked out, in UK. The doctor told me that it wasn't that bad, should get better over a few weeks and here's some pain killers in the meantime. Oh and if its not fixed or better in 2-4 weeks, come back and we will have another look. Now, as my shoulder feels like a bone is sticking out in the wrong place, this seemed a little complacent. Anyway, what do I know, he's the specialist, so I carried on.

After 4 weeks the pain was still there, so i went to a specialist in Germany where I am working at the moment. His initial "concern" that showed on his face was a bit worrying, and his comment of "why do English doctors never check anything properly?", gave me a strange scared feeling. He sent me promptly for an x-ray and also an MRT scan.

an MRT scan showing a shoulder problem
A small shoulder problem

This is one of the pictures taken with the MRT scan showing what appears to be something sticking out of the top of my shoulder. Now, I am no specialist, but that looks a bit wrong....

Hopefully will be fixed soon, now that I have a doctor I trust....and then back to training.....

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