Tuesday, 26 November 2013

how to pack your rucksack

There are many individual ways to pack your rucksack, and everyone knows somebody who is the only person who packs correctly. As always nobody is correct and it comes down to personal preference, but there are some guidelines as to which would be the best way.

I have always packed my rucksack as the Army taught me, and until recently, it seemed to work alright. But, as the weight has increased and also my need for comfort, I have changed the way I pack, suiting what the pack manufacturers recommend.

how to pack your rucksack

Now this picture shows what most of the backpack manufacturers recommend, however, it misses the fact that most of my equipment is of the super light variety, so the "heavy stuff" they are talking about has actually become the medium to light weight equipment. And because I am concentrating on myself running from John O'Groats to Lands End, I am going to prepare the packing for that.

Generally I have the following:
  1. sleeping bag - PHD minimus approx 500 grams
  2. toilet roll
  3. tent - 1.5kg
  4. cooker and fuel (gas) 1.00kg
  5. food - lots - 20kg
  6. water - 2kg
  7. clothing - 500gramms
  8. wash kit - 200 grams
  9. medical kit - 100 grams
  10. emergency water bottle - 500gramms (0.5 litres)
  11. thermarest pro lite 3 - 450gramms
So concentrating on this, I firstly pack my sleeping bag at the bottom, and on top of this my spare clothing for the evening. Which actually works nicely as in the morning I don't have to leave the tent to do this and stay dry / warm for as long as possible. I also pack my wash kit away and the toilet roll. 

On top of the wash kit, sleeping bag and clothing I start packing in the food for the trip, leaving one days worth out for use over the coming day. I try and arrange the food as best as possible so that the heaviest is closer to my spine, however, the packs are separated into days, so this is quite difficult to do. 

My thermarest pro lite 3 is then added to the top of the pack with the medical kit placed on top for ease of access, and the days food. This completes what I have within my rucksack. 

On the sides, I stash the rest. On the left I stash the tent, and on the right I have an outside strapped on bag containing my cooker and fuel and an emergency bottle of water. I don't usually like carrying things outside the rucksack, but in this case I need to due to the amount of equipment and food I am carrying. My rucksack has also been adapted so that two water bottles fit on a chest pack, which gives me easy access to the water whilst on the go.

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