Thursday, 31 October 2013

Making a start on the equipment

Last night, I decided to look through what equipment I already have, and what needs updating or replacing for the JOGLE challenge.

As I have already completed quite a few adventures, most of the kit crosses over quite nicely, and I can also use it for this adventure.

So, I have most of the clothing required, at least for evening wear and for running during the day. The main parts of equipment that are missing are the tent (didnt need one in the Marathon des Sables) and the cooking stove (used solid fuel in the desert as it was easy to get posted there and was arranged by the organizers of the event), and of course the food.

The tents I am researching at the moment, are two that have been recommended by Shane Little of shane cycles fame. The two he recommends are:

The MSR hubba and the Terra Nova Laser. I will aslo research these a little further, as they are both very expensive and I need to be comfortable with what I will be buying or begging for.

The cookers I have researched a little, with more work to do, and havent, as yet got a final decision made, but you can follow the discussions here:

cooking stoves for JOGLE

Then the next category of research required will be the expedition food. I am hoping that I can get a daily allowance of weight for the food down to around 500 grams, which would make around 10kg of food for the entire trip. A lot of weight, and one which will have to be heavily researched.

Happy Halloween

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