Thursday, 24 October 2013

JOGLE - unsupported

A strange occurance Yesterday I wrote to the Guiness world records, to see if the JOGLE unsupported had ever been done in the past, and if so, what time would I have to beat. Now, we have all seen people wearing Elvis costumes running the London Marathon on one leg with an eye patch recieving the guiness world record for being the fastest person in said costume. Which, realistically is a stupid thing to get a world record in. The fastest person running the marathon is a good world record.

Now, taking into account that there is a record for crossing the Antartic unsupported (Ranulph Fiennes holds this), then shouldnt there be a category for running JOGLE unsupported, different to running JOGLE supported? I am sure that Ranulph Fiennes could have crossed the Antartic a lot faster if he wasnt dragging that sledge, but that would have completely defeated the object of the challenge. And likewise, this changes the purpose of my challenge.

So I was quite surprised when the Guiness world records responded to my mail saying that they dont recognise the difference between supported and unsupported for this type of challenge. So there is no world record for this challenge, but also they wouldnt recognise an unsupported attempt in the future. Oh well, so I wont get a world record for this challenge - actually I am not too bothered, it would have been nice, but its not the reason I am doing the challenge. Strange though, looks like I will have to break out the Elvis costume to get me a world record.....

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